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Even though we are capable of learning, it doesn’t mean we are all able to easily unlock this skill. Professional Development sessions for educators are available to support you in developing the capacity of lifelong learners, whilst aligning to the current curriculum requirements. 


Online sessions focus on the psychological components of learning (cognitive, social and emotional variables) and help you to identify what may be impacting a learners capacity to learn and engage in the classroom. We discuss bridging the gap between learner capacities, curriculum outcomes, learning strategies and the assessment process. Programs help you align learning strategies and design to the 21st Century Skills of the National Curriculum. 

  • Critical thinking.

  • Creative thinking.

  • Communication.

  • Collaboration and teamwork.

  • Personal and social skills.

  • ICT skills.

You are already in the drivers seat, developing the skills of lifelong learners.


Yet what happens when you find you can’t reach a student or engage them with strategies that have worked for many others?


Is there a cognitive or physical challenge?

What are the social and emotional supports for this learner?

Do they have unidentified or diagnosed learning difficulties?

Do you need new and innovative strategies to excel your learners?

Do your learning design strategies meet the cognitive needs of your learners?

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Information for Educators and Teachers

To find out more about Professional Development sessions contact Rosie

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