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At a faster rate than ever secondary school learners are having to adapt and change in response to our often chaotic and unpredictable environment. It is those with a capacity to learn, adapt and change that will succeed. These are skills that can be taught, fostered and developed.


I Learn for Life offers assessment and learning programs for school aged learners. These sessions are run online and face to face. They aim to help learners develop the capacity to understand, self-manage and self-direct their learning environment, developing the life-skills necessary for their future. Learning is just another skill that can be taught fostered and developed.  Learning how you learn, and how to learn will set you up for future success. 


I Learn for Life has programs for high school learners to develop the skills of learning to learn. 

Programs consists of 90min sessions conducted online in  small groups (10max)

The objective is to improve your learning capacity. 

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I Learn for Life offers learners 50 min one-on-one sessions.

These are facilitated by a psychologist who will support your child to deal with specific learning challenges or subject areas. 

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I Learn for Life conducts formalised and observational learning assessments.

An holistic approach to ones learning capacity is the focus. Identifying a learners preferences and styles, competencies and  IQ.  There are 2 assessment options: observational and formal cognitive assessment. 

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I Learn for Life offer both assessment of your learning capacity (IQ and observational assessment) and development programs that support your developing potential as a learner. An IQ or observational assessment will not limit you as a learner, but help identify your learning roadblocks and enable you to develop new neural pathways to learn more effectively. 

The program and sessions provide best-practice tools to help your child succeed in an evolving and online environment, including: resilience, goal setting, organisation and managing anxiety. Learners who complete an Holistic Learning Assessment or Cognitive Assessment also have to opportunity to develop specific learning skills that may be limiting their learning potential. 


The assessment and programs are facilitated by Rosie, a Registered Psychologist with a Masters in Learning Science and Technology. Rosie has over 12+ years experience in the field, working as a teacher, school psychologist and learning and development professional. She has been working with learners solely online for the last three years. 


Online group or 1-1 sessions will provide lifelong skills to enable them to learn, grow, adapt and change for a safer future.  Creating a secure future for our young people is determined by their ability to understand themselves, how they react, as well as how they can improve and learn. The program will provide the skills for young people to better navigate the emerging (and currently unpredictable!) terrain.

Read about the impact I Learn for Life has had on individuals and groups below:

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