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You are always learning, but have you unlocked the key to learn effectively and quickly in diverse and new situations? Especially when you hear yourself say: "I can't to this; This is not my learning preference; I don't like this or I have a learning disability"

Imagine if you had an evidence-based framework that you could whip out at any learning junction to get you back on the road to achieving whatever it is you need to learn?​ Follow the four-step process to unlock your learning potential:


A free consultation or email exchange is offered for each client regarding the learning-based challenge.


Online assessment (formal and informal) is conducted or referred to a suitable practitioner is made.

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Online learning is made available prior to the session for the relevant learning challenge.  


One-on-one and/or group sessions are held to consolidate the learning and provide coaching via zoom. 

When you go to the gym you use a personal trainer to improve your performance when using the different equipment to develop your physical health which has long term benefits in your life.


As a coach and Psychologist I help you learn to use your ‘learning equipment’ more effectively to improve your mental wellbeing and performance in your specific learning context bringing long term benefits to your life!

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