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What is a learning assessment?

I Learn for Life provides individual assessment for children and teenagers regarding their learning capacity, strengths and challenge areas.


There are two different options which can be accessed depending on your child's age and degree of challenge. 

Home schooling

Children 2-7 years


Formal standardised cognitive assessment


Face-to-face delivery in Brisbane

  1. Initial phone/zoom assessment and interview with parent 

  2. Cognitive assessment using the WPPSI-IV (Brisbane-based, Ashgrove location)

  3. Report and feedback call with parent

Cost: $1100

Remote Learning

Children 8-18 years


Informal learning styles assessment 


Online delivery in AU/NZ or face-to-face in Brisbane

  1. Initial phone/zoom assessment with parent

  2. Observation and child interview using learning styles questionnaire

  3. Report and feedback with parent and child


Cost: $880

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What is achieved during a learning assessment? 

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Self awareness, insight, strategies and support

A learning assessment is designed to bring about awareness and insight into a child's strengths and challenges. It can be used to identify learning challenges, giftedness and learning preferences. 


A strength-based approach is adopted rather than a deficit model. This is an important part of communication and identification of challenges, so that a child does not become or feel limited by the discoveries.


Strategies and support are identified for each individual and designed based on educational, psychological best-practice research as well as experiential strategies to help ​navigate a productive path forward for each learner.


These are communicated to the child, parent and, when requested the child's educators. 

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