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My mission is to transform the lives of learners by giving them the insight and skills to excel and become lifelong learners!

What do I do?

I provide individual and group coaching, psychological assessment, support and learning development sessions to students, parents, corporate learners, educators and allied health professionals. 

I provide a series of self-paced online learning modules and run 1-1 and group online sessions for learners and their parents. 

I facilitate professional development for educators and corporate learners around effective engagement, growth mindset, wellness, mental-health and learning design. 

I work with allied health professionals and make referrals when additional specialist support or experience is required. 

I design and develop online learning modules to make the hard work of learning easily accessible and available in small topic specific areas. 

What I do, at all levels, is help learners develop the capacity to understand, self-manage and self-direct their learning environment, developing the life-skills necessary for their future because learning how-you-learn, and how-to-learn will set you up for future success. 


A little bit about me .......


Rosie Hart (nee Fitchett)


Psychologist & Education Consultant 


Masters of Learning Science & Technology


Founder & Director - I Learn for Life​

If you meet me you will notice that I can't help but look for learning opportunities.


I love when people learn to unlock something within themselves that they never thought possible, whether it be a new skill, a new approach, new strategy, an improved mark or result.


When you have a personal moment of insight your brain starts to light up and it gives you a spark that anything is possible. I call it a moment of magic! 


I am trained and qualified to unlock the learning potential within someone, but what would happen if I taught you to learn to unlock it for yourself? 


This is what I Learn for Life is all about: 


Helping learners learn to unlock their potential. 


A bit more background:

  • Previous experience as a high-school teacher

  • Worked within schools as a Psychologist 

  • Completed a Masters of Learning Science & Technology

  • Worked in corporate Learning and development 

  • Facilitated curriculum design with educators to support the embedding and adoption of the 21st Century Learner Capabilities 

  • Assess and implement individualised learning plans for high school learners 

  • Designed and implemented an award winning blended learning accreditation program 

The values and guiding principles behind my work


All work is guided by ethical and best research practices.


All interventions, and solutions are constantly reviewed, improved feedback from learners, their parents and other stakeholders is always sought. 


Knowledge provides insight and is powerful for making change. New knowledge and research is constantly explored.


In order to learn and grow we need to take action and strive to be implementation orientated. I aspire to be reliable and timely in my response to you. 

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