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  • How does my child learn?

  • What are their cognitive strengths & challenges?

  • What are their learning preferences & motivators?

  • How can they become a resilient learner?

  • What do they need to do to improve their learning capacity & engagement at school?

Free webinars are run throughout the year for parents/carers to help you help your child learn more effectively. 

Parents often tell me: "School is SO different from when I was there!"

The capacity to learn how to learn will be a key differentiator for our children in the next generation. Learners need to develop their capacity to think, learn and adapt to changing circumstances with resilience and confidence. 

Learning how-you-learn and how-to-learn means that your child will develop the skills necessary to transfer learning to their ever-changing world. Learning is a skill that can be taught and developed with the right motivation and self-regulation. Think of all the things your child has already learned successfully.


Yet sometimes they may struggle to learn, and this is because their learning preferences, capacities and strategies are not synchronized or they have yet to learn to develop a critical foundation skill. Other reasons your young person can struggle relate to diagnosed learning disabilities like dyslexia, mental disorders such as anxiety, depression.


Learning diagnosis or not, self-paced online modules help teach all young person how to develop the skills to overcome and best manage their unique learning challenges.  These can be complimented with one-on-one and/or group coaching sessions. 

To find out more or contact Rosie click on the email icon below:

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