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Learning in times of change

Many people enjoy watching the season change. The trees turn from green to yellow to orange to brown. This example of change is constant and expected. Do you enjoy watching the seasons change (if they do in your location!)? What do you like or not like about it?

How do you feel when the usual pattern in our world is disrupted or changes? When what we expect to happen no longer does? Even the constant changes of the season, that we come to expect each year, can be disrupted. Check out the video below spoken by a favourite educator of mine, Sir David Attenborough.

This is an example of how the things we may think of as reliable and consistent change. Everything changes, nothing stays the same.

Change may be constant but our reactions can be varied. Our reactions to change come from our previous experiences, both positive and negative, our resilience, our support systems and our understanding of the world.

We may not be able to predict the changes that will happen [insert COVID_19] but we may be able to predict our response and reactions to it. Our ability to learn, respond, adapt and re-frame will be defining our capacity to move forward in the new normal of social isolation. What has surprised you in a positive way, about your reactions to the current environment? What has disappointed you about the ways you or others have reacted in our current context? What one thing can you do to improve your current situation as it relates to how you respond to change?

The program and 1-1 sessions facilitated by I Learn for Life explore our reactions and responses to change - in both positive or helpful and unhelpful ways.

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