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What motivates and drives me - Does this still serve me?

What drives and motivates you? What do you do when you get stuck and disengage? When I was working as a school psychologist, disengagement at school was a constant discussion. Sometimes our drivers and motivators - while initially useful stop serving us and lead to low engagement and problems taking action. Sometimes we don't even know what they are.

Dan Pink in his book Drive talks about this in depth (and it is a great read if you are interested in this topic!). Maslow's hierarchy of needs is great and Seligman's work on optimism is also helpful to consider - see the Optimistic Child. Consolidating the concepts of these authors, today I really wanted to share my motivation equation:

Motivation = Your human needs + your goals + your infinite purpose

This is what I share with the young people I work with - giving them the power and control to improve their drive and motivation with some tangible and practical tools.

If you want to find out more about the equation or identify your motivation equation, fill out the questionnaire linked. I will then email you a PDF summary report.

This questionnaire is still in BETA form and feedback is always appreciated - especially those with a detailed eye!

Have a look at this sample report below:

Complete the survey here for your own summary

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