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What types of learners does I Learn for Life work with?

Everyone is a lifelong learner, I Learn for Life focusses on assessment of those aged 2-18 years. Or those who are in a formal learning context.


Services and assessment target children aged 2-7 years and 8-18 years.


We work closely with allied health practitioners to support all learners and provide professional development and support for educators. 

At a faster rate than ever all learners are having to adapt and change in response to our chaotic and unpredictable environment. It is those with a capacity to learn, adapt and change that will succeed. These are skills that can be taught, fostered and developed. 

Learning how you learn and how to learn will give you the confidence and competence to achieve in life, develop resilience and allow you to become the best version of yourself, unlocking new opportunities for your future.

Rosie Hart


About me

My mission is to transform the lives of learners by giving them the insight and skills to excel and become, confident, curious & competent lifelong learners!

If you meet me you will notice that I can't help but look for learning opportunities.


I love when people learn to unlock something within themselves that they never thought possible, whether it be a new skill, a new approach, new strategy, or an improved mark or result.


When you have a personal moment of insight your brain starts to light up and it gives you a spark that anything is possible. I call it a moment of magic! 


I am trained and qualified to unlock the learning potential within someone, and I believe in using a positive and strength-based approach to do this. I Learn for Life is all about: Helping learners learn to unlock their potential through formal and informal assessment.  This includes a full spectrum of learners, from those with possibly disabilities or challenges, to those who may be categorised as gifted and highly intelligent. 

As a teenager I was diagnosed with a learning disability. At the time, I believed this defined my capacity and potential. However, this experience now places me in a unique position to work with young people and adults to help them unlock their own learning potential and work to overcome the challenges that can result from personal real-world experience. 


A bit more background:

  • Previously worked as a high-school teacher and holds a Bachelor of Education degree from Sydney University

  • Worked as a School Psychologist (children aged 2-18). Is a Registered Psychologist with degree from Sydney University

  • Completed a Masters of Learning Science & Technology obtained at University of Sydney

  • Works in corporate learning, development and assessment (10+years)

  • Facilitates curriculum design with educators to support the embedding and adoption of the 21st Century Learner Capabilities 

  • Assesses and implements individualised learning plans for high school learners.

Who am i
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