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Information for Allied Health Professionals

A multidisciplinary approach is the most beneficial to a client’s long-term success and achievement in a therapeutic setting. Combining the collective intelligence of various therapeutic approaches and the work of multiple health professionals can maximise the development for any client.


Practitioners who focus on strategies related to self-regulation, motivation, positive psychology and neural plasticity are well suited to compliment the work of I Learn for Life.


I Learn for Life offers cognitive based and learning assessment to provide a holistic picture of a client's challenge/s:​​


Self-paced online learning modules combined with 1-1 and group sessions focus on developing strategies to learn how to learn. In some cases, additional support is required, such as psychology, speech therapy, occupational therapy. In other cases the therapeutic work is better done 1-1 by practitioner with a specific or unique skill set.


If this approach aligns to your practice, we are seeking practitioners to add to our referral database. To discuss whether the work of I Learn for Life can compliment your service or to join our referral network please click the link 'join our network'  (Australia & NZ).

Child In Speech Therapy

Assessments offered or referred on: 

  • Cognitive assessment: eg. WISC-V

  • Learning preference identification : AVK, Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, Whole Brain Thinking (Siegel & Herrmann)

  • Working memory capacity

  • Vocabulary development: EVT and PPVT

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