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Information for Learning Advocates

What is a learning advocate?

A learning advocate is any individual is who passionate about learning and sharing their knowledge with others. These individuals believe in or have experienced the positive work of I Learn for Life and promote it to others. I learn for life aims to make a difference to the lives of others by inspiring passion and engagement for lifelong learning.  

Who can become a learning advocate? 

Anyone can become a learning advocate over the age of 18 years. If the Learn for Life mission of transforming ordinary students into extraordinary learners is important to you then get in touch. 

Why would I become a learning advocate? 

Becoming a lifelong learning advocate means that you promote the work and development of lifelong learning skills to others. In positioning these solutions to parents, teachers and young people the learning advocate makes a commission of the sale of any online learning program by using a special URL to direct individuals to the program/s. 

How can I become a learning advocate? 

Get in contact with Rosie to find out how join this specialised network of passionate lifelong learning individuals. Individuals who believe in the importance of self-regulation, motivation, positive psychology and neural plasticity are well suited to compliment the work of I Learn for Life.


Learning Advocates believe:

  • GRIT is more important than IQ

  • All humans are capable of learning 

  • Learning diagnoses do not define your capacity but describe the skills you need to develop

  • Neuroscience and neural plasticity are important for learning

  • A growth mindset is key for learning

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